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At Edwards Hearth & Home we are proud to offer our Valor lineup of direct-vent, radiant heat gas fireplaces, inserts, and stoves. This article will review the various types of Valor products we offer for heating your living space and outdoor environment. We will explain the various terms we use throughout, so it should be a quick, easy, and hopefully informative read!

Radiant Heat

Radiant heating technology is considered one of the coziest, healthiest, and most natural forms of heating available. Radiant heat is based on the principle of the sun, traveling as light and converting to heat when it reaches people and objects in the room. Radiant heat moves like a sound wave (in a linear fashion) until it heats an object, just like the sun.

Rather than directly heating the air, Valor radiant gas fireplaces emit incredible heat through a glass seal to spread warmth using 25% less energy than hot air systems.

In general, most consumers find this to be a superior source of heat compared to convection heat (which heats the air and tends to rise to the ceiling).

Every Valor gas fireplace provides both radiant warmth and naturally occurring convective heat.

Direct Vent

A direct vent gas fireplace is a method of venting the appliance by drawing in fresh air from the outside. All flue gasses are expelled directly to the outside atmosphere as well.

No chimney is required, for direct vent fireplaces. Direct vent fireplaces are also much more energy efficient than traditional fireplaces.

Direct vent appliances also draw fresh air in from the outside while exhausting harmful by-products outside the home. Venting like this means cleaner air quality without dust particles, pollutants, and fumes; all irritants that are bad for allergies, arthritis, and asthma.

All Valor fireplaces and stoves utilize the direct venting method.

Zero-Clearance Fireplaces

A Valor zero-clearance fireplace is a pre-manufactured firebox made of metal and insulation. It is so well insulated that we can install it almost directly against combustible materials like wood, walls, or paneling. This is where these appliances get their name, as only a minimum clearance is required from these flammable materials.

Allowing the firebox to touch wood or drywall provides much more flexibility on the fireplace’s framing, finish, and location. The variety in placement options and styles make a zero-clearance fireplace an excellent option for your new home or renovation.

The insulative properties of the firebox also help contain the heat within the appliance, which improves efficiency.

Many of our customers are surprised when we explain that radiant gas fireplaces can be used for zone heating by distributing heat to other rooms! This makes a Valor gas fireplace an alternative to central heating!

Since all valor fireplaces utilize the direct vent method, there is no need for a chimney, as the venting can occur through the roof or an exterior wall.

Valor Zero-Clearance Fireplaces That We Carry

Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces are a wonderful addition to any home. Whether you like to entertain or spend time with the family outside, a beautiful zero-clearance outdoor fireplace or insert is a great way to protect your guests and loved ones from an outdoor chill.

We can convert any zero-clearance fireplace into an outdoor fireplace using the Valor outdoor Conversion Kit. Some specific Valor gas fireplace inserts can also be converted to outdoor fireplaces if you have an existing space already made for a fireplace.

Whichever you choose, you can rest assured knowing that your Valor radiant gas fireplace will provide comfortable, radiant warmth when you need it.

A Valor outdoor fireplace burns 100 times cleaner than wood, making it an excellent option as an energy-efficient source of steady, radiant outdoor heat.

When it comes to Valor products, you do not have to choose between performance and efficiency as these quality-engineered direct vent fireplaces provide both.

Valor Outdoor Compatible Fireplaces and Inserts That We Carry

Gas Inserts

Gas inserts are premanufactured fireplaces that can be inserted in prexisiting fireplaces to replace them. This is typically a lower-cost alternative to zero-clearance fireplace installs. The lower cost is because fireplace inserts are installed within an existing fireplace cavity and use the existing chimney to run the venting needed.

Valor Gas Inserts use the same radiant heat technology and direct venting methods as their zero-clearance fireplaces.

Not only is a a Valor gas insert a very efficient and easy-to-control heat source for your home, they also look magnificent! There is a wide variety of insert designs to choose from; each design can really change the style of the room.

Valor Gas Insert Fireplaces That We Carry

HeatShift Technology

Valor’s unique HeatShift™ system is a technology that is available in some fireplaces and inserts. It transfers convective heat upwards through hidden ducts and directs it back into the room.

By using a raised heat outlet and allowing air to circulate air back into the room at a higher elevation, wall temperatures are lowered, and efficiency is increased even further. This technology also protects the surrounding walls, artwork, electronics, and construction materials from heat transfer.

No electricity or fan is required as the HeatShift™ system elevates heat naturally using gravity and Valor product ingenuity.

Free Standing Gas Stoves

A free-standing gas stove is a fantastic option if you want to heat a smaller room, nook, or cold basement. These stoves are also a great way to add style to any room in the house.

Like Valor fireplaces and inserts, these stoves provide a constant flow of radiant heat. Valor free-standing stoves also provide warm, convected air through a secondary heat exchanger. Just like Valor fireplaces, they do not require electricity or fans. This constant flow of warm air and radiant heat will heat your space 25% more efficiently than a forced air system.

If that wasn’t already enough, Valor free-standing stoves are available in a variety of traditional and modern designs that all provide the same efficient radiant heat technology.

Valor Free Standing Stoves That We carry

Whether you are looking for a fireplace, insert, or stove Valor is an excellent option to choose from. Their products are reliable and made of top quality materials. We offer a wide variety of Valor products and would be happy to help you find the right one to heat your space. We provide professional installation and maintenance plans for homeowners the counties of Albemarle, Augusta, Rockingham, and Shenandoah, and the cities of Charlottesville, Harrisonburg, and Staunton. Give us a call at (540) 249-4241 or visit our contact page for more information.

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Fuel Type: Natural Gas (NG) or Propane (LPG)

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