All Wood Pellets Are Not created equal.

Our suppliers manufacture the highest quality of wood pellets across the board. Comprising 100% Appalachian hardwood, less than .5% ash content, and no added chemicals or fillers make for some truly impressive stats. Our premium wood pellets can improve the performance of your stove, while reducing the cleaning and maintenance. Check out our top-notch manufacturers including:

Turman Pellets

Harmer’s Hot Ones

Save Big on Summer; Buy Wood Pellets.

We stock the Edwards Hearth & Home warehouse to the brim in the summer months and pass on the best deals to our customers! Summer buy wood pellets can be up to 15% less expensive than buying in-season. Not to mention, planning ahead keeps you prepared when winter throws one of her unexpected snowstorms at your front door.

Maximize Performance With Proper Wood Pellet Storage.

Edwards Hearth & Home recommends storing your wood pellets inside, ideally in a dry area without excessive humidity. Pellets have the potential to absorb moisture through the bag, so swelling can be an issue when the pellet makes it from storage to stove. We take care to store your pellets properly as they make their way to your storage space. Edwards Hearth & Home purchases from local manufacturers that store their premium wood pellets inside, are transported by covered tractor-trailers, and shelter within our 27,000 square foot warehouse.

We Also Supply Clean Burning Coal.

Try Our Anthracite Coal! Edwards Heart & Home also supplies clean burning Pennsylvania anthracite coal. This isn’t the soft smudgy bituminous coal of your grandparents, but a coal that produces virtually no smoke and no creosote. We supply pre-washed anthracite coal in bulk, bagged, and pre-wrapped skids. Our manufacturers use ethical and sustainable mining practices. You can find more information on anthracite coal from our supplier: Blaschak Coal Company.