Fireplaces Provide Room Heat With A Cozy and Welcoming Aesthetic.

When most people think about a fireplace, it tends to remind them of cozy nights spent alongside the fire with family and close friends. The hypnotizing aesthetic of dancing flames and comfort of sitting on a warm hearth makes you forget all about the crisp air and winter weather that awaits you outside.

Timeless Wood Fireplaces Custom Made For Your Home.

Nothing creates a sense of comfort quite like the warmth and smell of burning wood from a classic wood fireplace. At Edwards Hearth & Home, we offer a variety of custom finishing options to make your fireplace design flow seamlessly with the style of your home. Custom finishes, mantles, stone and tile color options allow homeowners to design a completely unique fireplace that emphasizes the architectural style of their home and matches with the decor of the room. We also offer plenty of convenient features and add-ons like central heat control and ash removal systems that allow you to enjoy the timelessness of wood heat without any hassle.

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Kozy Heat Slayton 60

Enjoy A Classic Fireplace Aesthetic Without the Mess.

Edwards Hearth & Home boasts a brand new Gas Fireplace Design Center with over 20 live displays to demo and hundreds of finishing options for you see and feel first hand. Gas fireplaces allow homeowners to enjoy the timeless aesthetic of a classic fireplace without the mess associated with burning wood. If the classic wood burning look isn’t right for your home, a gas fireplace can still be customized to fit your exact stylistic needs with many finishing options available. Enjoy the benefit and warmth of a fireplace without having to constantly chop wood, tend to the fire and then clean up the mess of dirt and wood scraps left behind.

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Trust Harrisonburg’s Fireplace Experts.

At Edwards Hearth & Home we offer the highest quality wood-burning and gas fueled fireplaces to satisfy the needs of any space, no matter how large or small. We can help customize a completely unique fireplace to fit your new construction project, or help you with an on-site visit at your existing home to determine the best option for your new fireplace installation.