Class A Chimney Installation

Don’t have a chimney? No problem! We can install a safe system that will last for years of use.

We are the class A chimney specialists in the region. We install between thirty and fifty systems annually in existing homes and new construction projects.

Chimney Inspection

We perform level 1 & 2 NFPA211 inspections based on your needs and planned use of the flue and chimney. Real estate inspections are also available.

Chimney Cap Installation

Every chimney should have a cap to keep critters and water out. We install single caps and multi-flue caps covering the whole chimney’s top.

Class A Chimney Install

Chimney Relining

We install chimney liners for open fireplaces and other product applications.

HeatShield Flue Sealants

Many chimneys fail due to missing mortar joints between tiles or liner cracks. We are factory trained in HeatShield applications that can repair your flue without the expense of relining. The HeatShield application can sometimes be very cost-effective for resurfacing the flue’s inside.

Chimney Reline

Camera Inspections

A camera inspection is needed in some use cases and assessments. For example, these can be essential in a real estate transaction, unviewable sections on chimneys, or changing the flue for a different product installation.

Chimney Cleaning / Sweeping

We offer thorough and professional cleaning of masonry flues, stainless steel liners, Class A chimneys servicing wood, pellet, gas, & oil products. In some extreme cases, a chemical application may be needed to remove all the creosote. We are factory trained in this type of cleaning.

Crown Repairs & Replacement

A crown or chimney “wash” is essential to provide water protection for your chimney. We offer the best methods for repairing, sealing, or complete replacement.

Masonry Repairs & Waterproofing

We have a wealth of knowledge in all masonry repairs, from repointing mortar joints to replacing or repairing broken/spalled brick.

We can perform waterproofing to keep water from penetrating masonry work leading to the degradation of the chimney structure.

Crown RepairCrown Repair

Fireplace Smoke Chamber Parging

Per the NFPA211, the smoke chamber above a fireplace damper should be parged smooth to help smoke and by-products easily.

We offer this as a service.

Firebox Repair

We can replace broken firebrick, repair joints, parging, and cracks and gaps in your firebox.

We also offer pre-fabricated fireplace repairs and stainless steel chase covers.

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Smoke Chamber RepairsSmoke Chamber Repair

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