Regency G600C Gas Fireplace

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Regency G600C Gas Fireplace

Choose stunning flame picture, choose your accessories, and create a one-of-a-kind fireplace. The Regency Grandview series of gas fireplaces are designed to maximize choice and customization letting you pick and choose everything so you get the fireplace of your dreams.

Additional Information

Energy Specifications NG LP
Maximum BTUs/hrinfo 21,000 20,500
Turn Down BTU 11,500 16,500
Efficiency 71.17% 72.80%
EnerGuide Rating 65.04% 70.65%
General Specifications
Product Size Small
View Area 600
Room Size Small
Vent Type Direct Vent
Vent Size (Air Intake) 6-5/8″
Vent Size (Exhaust) 4″
Unit Dimensions
Width (front) 31 7/8 in.
Height 29 7/8 in.
Depth 14 5/8 in.


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