Kozy Heat Slayton 36

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Kozy Heat Slayton 36

The Slayton 36: A High-Quality Linear Gas Fireplace
Beautifully styled as well as extremely energy-efficient, the Slayton 36 is a linear gas fireplace that provides a superb design accent to any room. Direct venting and a compact size make it the perfect choice for any residence. If you’re looking for a modern fireplace that adds appeal wherever it’s located, the Slayton 36 is a great option.

Additional Information

Standard Features
Viewing Area: 14” x 36”
33,000 BTU/hr Input – NG
33,000 BTU/hr Input – LP
Quick-Latch, Lifetime Glass
Remote Control –
Fan adjustment
High-Low Regulator
Engineer-Designed burner system
Minnesota Energy Code Compliant to 50 pascals
Certified to ANSI Z21.88 Vented Gas Heater
Ceramic Glass


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