Your Home Can Have Even, Thermostat-Controlled Wood Heat with an Outdoor Boiler.

Have you been heating your home with an indoor wood stove or fireplace? If so, you’re familiar with the common complaints of uneven heat… chilly back bedrooms and too-toasty for comfort living spaces have become the norm. An outdoor wood boiler by Central Boiler is the go-to remedy for your problems. You can keep your renewable heat source, but achieve steady temperature control from room to room.

Take the Mess Outside with an Outdoor Boiler!

Oh, the art of burning wood! Freestanding stoves, fireplace inserts, fireplaces, furnaces and more. There are so many options to choose from and most of them keep the burning process inside the home. For the homeowner, that undoubtedly means messy ash removal and wood-loving pests in your living space. Maybe it is time to consider an outdoor boiler by Central Boiler. Exterior wood-burning boilers take the mess and hassle to the outdoors while contributing to an evenly heated, thermostat-controlled space.

Explore Your Heating Options With An Outdoor Boiler.

Central Boiler can give the homeowner options far beyond air temperature control. Domestic hot water, radiant floors, swimming pools, and greenhouses are options the consumer has when switching to an outdoor boiler system.

Have Your Outdoor Boiler Installed and Serviced by a Certified Specialist.

Edwards Hearth & Home has been selling and professionally installing Central Boilers for almost 15 years. We do on site evaluations to lay out a plan best suited for your home. After the installation, we provide a full-service maintenance roster to keep you comfortable. Your product is backed by the Central Boiler 25 year pro-rated warranty. Edwards Hearth & Home is certified Central Boiler parts dealer and provide service for the products we sell! Compare the outdoor boiler option with wood stoves, gas stoves, and pellet stoves for a well-informed decision.