Hearth Accessories Dress Up Your Hearth For Added Warmth.

To complete the look of your hearth and add value to the experience of heating your house at the age-old center of the home, hearth accessories bring style and functionality. Edwards Hearth & Home has a wide selection of quality products at a range of price points that complement and support the function of your hearth. Visit our showroom to get a sense of the selection, including:

  • Andirons
  • Trivets
  • Fireplace grates
  • Wood fire kettles
  • Mantles and fireplace surrounds
  • Tool sets
  • Steamers
  • Firebacks
  • Fireplace screens
  • Fireplace door systems
  • Bellows
  • Fire starting fuels
  • Igniters
  • And more!

Add Function With A Range Of Hearth Tools And Add-Ons.

Edwards Hearth & Home carries a range of hearth tools to match varied styles and functions of the heating appliances we sell. Choose from factory manufactured to hand-forged tool sets, add a steamer to humidify the air, find the right fireback or fireplace screen, or choose from a selection of bellows to make tending your fire easier. With a large selection of hearth add-ons that improve not only style but function, Edwards Hearth & Home provides quality products to encourage use and enjoyment.

Keep Your Fireplace Operating At Peak Performance With Maintenance Items.

Edwards Hearth & Home provides service to support the regular maintenance of your hearth, and we also supply maintenance items for you to use on your own. Keeping your fireplace clean reduces soot in the house and maximizes the operation of your fireplace or stove. We carry a selection of fire starting fuels, igniters, and hearth tools, as well as many other useful maintenance items.

Visit Our Showroom For Just What You Need.

Our expert staff is available to support your hearth accessories and add-on purchases. Get what you need to make the most of your hearth from a source you can trust.