Stûv 16

Stûv 16

The Stûv 16 line showcases the beauty of flames through its refined design. These models of wood stoves, fireplaces and inserts have a large opening for maximum heat distribution.

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Features are concealed
Handles or convection grills are not visible on the Stûv 16s. A removable key serves as a tool to open the hinged door. The heat is released into the room via an opening located between the combustion chamber and the envelope of the wood stove. Behind these characteristics, ingenious mechanisms to ensure the proper operation of the device.
Stûv goes to great lengths to conceal the features of its devices to enhance your experience.

Exploiting simplicity
Simplicity is a key element during the creation of a unit. From aesthetics to function, installation to maintenance; every aspect is carefully thought out to eliminate the excessive in favour of the ideal.

This principle stems from a desire to manufacture timeless stoves and fireplaces that will meet the needs of several generations.