Eiklor Flames Mombo

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Eiklor Flames Mombo

From extraordinary beauty and realism to the latest technology, “EIKLOR FLAMES®” leads the way. As a leader in the ‘gas logs’ industry we specialize in manufacturing
fireplace gas burner systems and gas logs sold TOGETHER as a FIREPLACE GAS LOGS SYSTEM with a lifetime warranty.

Additional Information

The Exclusive MOMBO® patented LARGE 2-Burner technology for realism and beauty is equipped with unique Stainless Steel components for solid performance and longevity with Sandless burners for clean and efficient flames. The MOMBO® is the ‘KING’ of flames! Select this system if the structure of your fireplace is HUGE. Guaranteed Impressive. MOMBO® Logs are made with the same top of the line material and attention to detail as the standard logs, only the MOMBO® logs are larger and have plenty more girth, to match the corresponding MOMBO® Large Burner System. The MOMBO® is the ‘KING’ of flames!

MOMBO® applications can be seen around the US and Canada; in many restaurants, country clubs, shopping malls and in motion picture and TV. If your measurements allow, they can also be installed indoors or outdoors in residences.

For LARGE Fully-Vented Commercial and Residential Fireplaces
Factory Set & Burn Tested
Front-View and See-Thru Designs
Natural Gas or Liquid Propane
Indoor Life-Time Warranty


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