Choosing The Right Gas Log Insert

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Choosing The Right Gas Log Insert

You may already know about gas log inserts and what they do, but in case you don’t, here is a quick explanation. Gas Logs are inserts that can be placed inside an existing fireplace or manufactured firebox. Liquid propane or natural gas can be connected to these gas logs, and voila! You now have a gas fireplace.

What many people like about having a gas fireplace is that it turns on at the press of a button and that there is no wood to store, ashes to clean up, or tending to the fire.

There are several factors, however you need to consider when trying to find the right gas log insert to meet your needs. This is the very purpose of this article!


Vent-free or ventless gas log sets operate with a closed chimney flue or none at all. While a vent-free set of gas logs won’t give you a roaring fire effect, they burn clean with no smoke and little to no gasses. Vent-free gas logs aren’t as decorative since the flame isn’t as natural or high as vented logs. Also, logs must be left in their predetermined arrangement for efficiency and safety reasons.

Please note vent free gas logs are not meant to be used as a continuous heat source. They are best used for occasional, supplemental, or backup heat. This is due to some of the trace byproducts released during combustion. Families with small children, pregnant, nursing, or cardiac/respiratory issues should not be exposed to vent-free products.

Vent-Free Gas logs, however, are a very efficient heat source. Since no chimney is required, all of the heat generated can stay in your living space. Vent-free heaters aren’t permitted in just any room; there must be plenty of clearance from flammable objects because of the amount of heat generated. Local building codes placement laws may apply.

If you live in Port Republic, Virginia, or a surrounding area, our team members can help you determine if your space is suitable for vented or vent-free gas log sets.

Fuel Types

We offer gas log sets that can use liquid propane or natural gas as a fuel source.


Propane is natural gas compressed into liquid form, which can be purchased in portable containers or delivered to a tank on your property. Liquid propane (LP) burns much hotter than the alternative natural gas, but it also costs more. LP is often found in rural communities that are further away from city utilities.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is delivered as gas via pipes to your home. Your gas log set must be piped to an appliance from buried gas service lines when using this fuel source. While it does not burn as hot as LP it also costs less. It is most often found in cities with built-in utilities such as sewer & water.

If you have a natural gas oven or water heater, your home is ready for a natural gas log set! If natural gas is not available in your area, you can use liquid propane instead.

If you live in Virginia and you are unsure what is the best setup for your home, contact us, and our team members can help you determine the best fuel type for your home and gas log set.

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Gas Log Sets like this Aspen Timbers are a beautiful visual centerpiece for any room. This particular vented Gas Log set features elegantly crafted white birch style logs with and open view ember bed for a beautiful warm glow.

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