Kozy Heat Roosevelt 34

Kozy Heat Roosevelt 34

Comes in Traditional Log, Birch Log, or Beach Accent Kit
Viewing Area: 20″ x 28-3/8″
40,000 BTU/hr Input NG
40,000 BTU/hr Input
Electronic Ignition Pilot System
Ceramic Glass
Fan Kit
Standard Ember Light Kit
Standard Rear Split-Flow Burner
Certified to ANSI Z21.88 Vented Gas Heater

Additional Information

Log, Birchwood, & Beach Accent Kit
ENERGUIDE P.4 NG/LP | 70.68% / 70.05%
Steady State NG/LP | 73.63% /73.45%
AFUE % NG/LP | 73.05% / 72.81%
Efficiencies Glossary:
P.4 Efficiency (ENERGUIDE) is an efficiency rating more recognized in Canada to measure annual fireplace efficiency.
Steady State Efficiency is a measure of how efficiently your fireplace converts fuel to heat once it is warmed up and operating at a steady temperature.
Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) is a measurement of the fireplace’s ability to convert fuel to heat over a longer period of time including the cycling on and off time period.


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