HearthStone Patio Oven 5.8

Wood or gas
he Patio Oven 5.8 heats up quickly and is fun and easy to use. Start a fire using either wood or gas and you’ll be ready to cook in about 20 minutes.

Our largest pizza oven
With 5.8 square feet of oven space, you can cook for a crowd. The wide opening makes it easy to arrange and maneuver multiple dishes at the same time, and the glass window in the oven door lets you keep track of everything.

Convenient accessories
Beyond tool sets and gloves, we offer a range of cooking accessories to expand your patio oven menu. Try the rib rack and grill kit for meats and veggies, and use the smoker box to add some flavor when cooking with gas.

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Additional Information

Finish: Stainless Steel & Copper Powder Coat
Fuel: Gas, Wood
Heat Up Time: 20 min
Oven Capacity: 5.8 cu ft
Oven Temp: Up to 750 °F
Weight Counter Top: 374 lbs
Weight Freestanding: 519 lbs

Fabric Cover: 904-5813
Rolling Table: 902-0020
Free-Standing Base: 901-5815


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