HearthStone Patio Oven 4.5

Quick and easy
Our Patio Oven 4.5 is designed to heat up quickly so you can use it any night of the week. Simply start the fire and you’ll be cooking in about 20 minutes.

Convenient features
Use the oven door to and the built-in oven thermometer to maintain the perfect temperature for your recipe. The glass window in the door lets you monitor the fire and your meal.

Backyard safe
Our ovens are constructed to keep the heat inside. Even after hours of cooking, the sides of the oven remain at a safe temperature.

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Additional Information

Finish: Stainless Steel & Copper Powder Coat
Fuel: Wood
Heat Up Time: 20 min
Oven Capacity: 4.5 cu ft
Oven Temp: Up to 750 °F
Weight Counter Top: 201 lbs
Weight Freestanding: 490 lbs

Grill Kit: 902-0030
Rib Rack: 902-0032
Smoker Box: 902-0033
Infrared Thermometer: 7200-540
Tool Set: 902-0024
Tool Rack: 902-0024
Log Rack: 5300-001
Leather Safety Gloves: 90-99031
Fabric Cover: 904-4513
Rolling Table: 902-0020
Free-Standing Base: 901-4573


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